Installing Apache Netbeans IDE.

Installing Apache Netbeans IDE.

This Java Development Kit (JDK) allows you to code and run Java programs. It’s possible that you install multiple JDK versions on the same PC. But It’s recommended that you install only latest version. For video references visit

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 Following are steps to install Java Development Kit on Windows

  1. The Java SE Development Kit (JDK)  is required to install NetBeans IDE. You can download the latest update of JDK  at
  2. Click on the JDK Download icon

Java downloads


  1. Click in the windows x64 Installer for the windows platform and Accept License Agreement and Download latest Java JDK.

Java download Java download


  1. Once the download is complete, run the exe as an administrator to install JDK.

Java install

  1. Follow the prompt dialogue to finish installation.

Java Install

To Install Apache Netbeans IDE:

  1. Go to to download the latest version of NetBeans.
  2. Click on the download icon on the Apache Netbeans LTS Version.Apache Netbeans Install


  1. Click on the windows installer to download the installation fileApache Netbeans downloads


  1. Once the download is finished, run the exe as an administrator to install Netbeans IDE.Apache Netbeans Install


  1. The NetBeans IDE installer will be launched. Accept the license agreement and click next.

Installing Apache Netbeans IDE

  1. On the netbeans IDE installer wizard, follow the dialogue prompts to install the netbeans IDE on your machineInstalling Apache Netbeans IDE
  2. Once the installation is done, click on Finish to close the Installer windowInstalling Apache Netbeans IDE