What Is My IP Address

Having the knowledge of your IP address is something that will come in handy once your level of IT interaction increase with time. The following blog will show you how you can get you IP address on machine running on any operating system. IP addresses are usually in IPV4 protocol which is a pattern of integers separated by a full stops i.e . In this blog we will not be going deep into the inner workings but just how to locate them on our machines

Windows Operating System

1.Open Command Prompt as administrator

3.For a detailed way to use ipconfig visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/ipconfig

Mac Operating system

1.Start Terminal by searching terminal

2.Type ipconfig getifaddr en0 – wireless

3.For wired/Ethernet connection you will use a slightly different command as shown below

““Ipconfig getifaddr en1

Linux Operating System

1.Press on ctrl + alt + t to open terminal

2.Type ifconfig -a on terminal

In conclusion, this blog’s aim is to show you how to get you IP address from the terminal in any operating system. The uses of this IP are vast from using in ssh and telnet commands. We hope this blog was useful to yo.