Server Support

Server Support and monitoring around the clock

What We Offer

If you just bought a new server and want support in setting up the new server and make it ready for use.

Then we will do the new server setup.

Operating System: CentOS, RedHAT, Debian, Ubuntu,Windows
Services like MySQL,PostgreSQL,PHP,Postfix,MSSQL,Bind DNS etc
Control Panel – Webmin
Firewall setup and configuration
We optimize your servers for maximum productivity.
Reaction to the system’s notifications/warnings and monitoring processes
Setup email notifications about key processes in the monitoring system.
Server log monitoring
Regular update of the server operating system and its running software’s
Backup of key server’s data.
We keep your server’s patched and up-to-date and regularly monitored to prevent them from developing security holes, providing slow response, or failing to provide services.
We scan your server’s regularly for vulnerabilities, and any vulnerabilities are patched quickly.
Remote support by Phone, Skype.
Remote access to the system using SSH, RDP,AnyDesk,Teamviewer

Benefits of Server Support

Fewer IT concerns
Reduced Expenditure.
Expert Assistance.
Secure Servers.

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